Our Staff

Peter Russell

PRINCIPAL - MTESOL, MTeach, BA, BSC (University of Melbourne) CELTA

Peter brings 20+ years experience to English study tours for international students.  He is very hands on and usually with his students.

Peter has travelled extensively in Asia and lived and taught in Taiwan for a year.  He has been an English teacher, Head Teacher, Director of Studies as well as a home stay host, tour leader and everything in between.  He is the father of two teenage children along with a younger son.  There is no one more experienced at managing English study tours for international students in Australia.  He has a Masters in Teaching and a separate Masters of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the University of Melbourne.  He has been a guest speaker both in Australia and overseas on English study tours.  He is the inaugural Principal of World College and has led World College over the last 7+ years.

Jennylyn Lahom


Jen has a strong teaching background with 2 years teaching English in Vietnam before joining World College, where she has taught for 3 years.

She has travelled extensively in Asia and Australia. She has a great rapport with students and has enormous expertise in working with Vietnamese students, while having experience teaching students from various parts of Asia. She works closely with the Principal on Group and Program preparation and management.

Nick Nichols

HEAD TEACHER - Bachelor of Education

Nick has more than a decade of experience teaching English, Drama, and Humanities; in both private and public high schools in Australia.

He has taught with World College for more than 5 years now. He understands the students and the programs and is able to provide steady guidance to some of our newer teachers. He is a steadying influence with staff and students. Nick is very well travelled and is well suited as a teacher and mentor of students and in giving guidance and support to fellow teachers.

Sam Guesthuizen


Sam has a Masters of TESOL (1 unit to go), B.A. Hons (Languages & Linguistics), IELTS Examiner & Teacher and more than 15 years teaching English both here in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.  She is passionate about teaching and always has a strong bond with her students.  She is an experienced English Teacher at Swinburne and tutor trainer with the AMEP program.

Katie Fouracres

HEAD OF MUSICAL THEATRE - Principal Director at Australian Musical Theatre

Katie brings a lifetime of passion and experience in teaching musical theatre. She has performed all over the world and has more than 15 years of experience in teaching young people.

She has been a tertiary lecturer and runs her own company AMT Musical Theatre. She is an outstanding talent and teacher in her area.